Apr 3, 2017
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Jay Z on Finding Your Truth

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I think what hip-hop has to do is become the voice of a generation be it a younger generation or older generation in order for hip-hop to survive we have to expand the genre because hip-hop was always viewed as a young man's game so a lot of time guys when they became 30 years old they still trying to make records like the 15 because that's where the white hot spot was you know where you know you were relevant and with record soul but now as we become a legitimate John ray of music and if we're going to last this test of time we can't be considered as a niche genre of music it has to be a music that's centered around something right something some type of troop and some type of emotion some type of revolution or some type of love the next generation of artists will determine whether it will extend beyond and just become music we're not in the minute life in a much what we revive like reliving i live in applied get some way up in the sky finish I I'll be denied for permitting again by pfizer not possession I'm Perez like young money she'll survive I believe that there is one God I don't knock anyone's religion because you know however you find god that's a fantastic thing but i think religion has done more to separate people and bring them together i think you know the people that are reading the quran and people are reading bible of really reading about the same person and I think we all plan to one god I don't know how else to explain this sunset and how if I get a cut you know a scab forms and how my body is like this a computer that reacts to movement all my eyebrows made to keep sweat from going in my eyes and how everything works so perfectly no one can tell me that two planets crashed and these things happen it's very hard for me to believe that I believe that everything that happens in life is there to build character to be learned from is some type of energy returning back to you everything that I've you know based my life upon you know has worked out that way for the most part but I don't know one day my nephew passed away in the car crash I really can't figure out that day the young kids like beautiful kid just the most beautiful respectful kid and I can't really apply that to anything I believe that things happen for a reason but I can't apply that against anything that's just the way the world and that's how it is I think the most important lesson for me will be just be true to yourself you know it sounds like a very simple thing to do but is not it's not simple to do with all the pressures to succeed in all the pressures too once you succeeded to stay there you have a belief in yourself in something sometimes in most cases the naivete about who you are and what you can contribute to to the game wrapping my friend story in our stories together and you know they taking it beyond a level of this is what we did but this is what we felt while we were doing this and this is how it affected us and this is why we was doing what we thought we had to do at the time I'm trying to find that truth and trying to tap in something really important as well as have fun it's not always like you know its responsibility of trying to be great every second sometimes I just want to be silly sometimes I just want to be wrong sometimes I want to be provocative you know 99 problems you know I want to push buttons belief in oneself and knowing who you are I mean that's the foundation of everything great only rapper to rewrite history without a pen no I see you on the track the storage in you can't begin with the Santa step for the ringtone this is my cool just painful single off this is the contracts are up before the blonde preferably with a friend sing the song yeah I used to have a nightmare when I was young all the time about running away and never being able to quite get away I don't have that dream anymore [Music]


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Rapper / Businessman / Investor Jay-Z speaks on finding your truth rather than focusing on success in order to become successful-

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  • He's right!

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