Apr 18, 2017
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Morning Stock Market Update – LIVE from Bali – North Korea tensions, bank earnings, iron ore slumps.

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hello good morning everyone and welcome to our morning market update it is Tuesday April the 18th of 2017 it's nine a.m. eastern standard time and 9pm the time zone i'm at i'm in valley for a month i'm trading out of the hotel I'm doing really interesting piece by the way for you to buy know it's been a while since we've last chatted with you last week I was gearing up to leave I was getting all my technology ready testing stuff and I don't want to put too much pressure on herself and her subscribers so we took a week off of youtube but we're back for this week back from Valley as I like the thick to give the slogan here the tagline you know I am it start to set up by saying this I was never the guy that believe in traveling and trading I always thought you know it's kind of a business or you're grounded you got the technology set up but I gotta tell you it was a pretty smooth and easy transition for me so far I'm knock on wood what is the wood over here we've had good internet hasn't been choppy it's been pretty reliable and it's going to be it's gonna be fun i'm here for 30 days i'll keep you guys posted i'll be moving throughout several locations and that will be trading throughout the whole mountain if you're ever wondering what kind of trading set up i'm using on the road kind of rigor use at home i have about four monitors so I'm not a guy that has 13 1590 monitors i'm staring at any glasses more i think when you have too much info sometimes you don't know what to put weight on what not to put weight on so down to three screens while i'm on the road and smo bar if you want to check it out go to our blog i'll put the link get a Paul g'day mate I'll put the link in the YouTube video here and a lot of resubscribe zar on the mailing list I've already seen some of the blog posts talk about the technology and I built this entire mobile trading station trading desk mobile office whatever you want to call it for under 800 bucks us alright so it's not it's not a significant investment the tickets are going to cost you more and living abroad is gonna cost you more than will the trading but this is one of the beauties and benefits of this job is you have to pick up your laptops and go anywhere literally it's 13 and a half pounds of weight this entire setup and I could take it anywhere in the world the most important thing is reliable internet and data source on the next article writing an hour traveling and trading blogs action to talk about that the internet connection you need how to test it before you go all bunch of fun stuff i'm working on that right now all right place let's get started so i don't mind me in the background you're gonna see some curtains and the and the headboard i mean it's one of the things I can't control the environment but I'm gonna be saying some nice places I kind of bring you guys into as well with me so I'm happy you're coming along for this journey let's talk about the market alright so Europe was closed on Friday and on Monday so European traders enjoy an extended long weekend for Easter alright here's how the markets are doing now that they're open and asia japan's up point three hong kong down one-point-four percent china down point eight india down point three now this fur gets ugly europe all right london down one-point-six percent paris down 1.3 and frankford down point seven percent so equities started week in asia and if continued that weakness over the european markets what you need to watch the traders how do we roll over transitions that US session open key correlations to watch for this morning are the dax i'm going to talk about a few others as well but keep an eye out on the dax taxes your driver euro stoxx 50 as well track those along because they could be leading correlation markets for you to look for some strength in the es or weakness so plot those two for your day for day trading one hundred percent US markets more flat dow S&P down about point two percent nasdaq down point three crude oil down point seven it's notable loser an overnight session energy markets are weak Gold's down point three trading 1288 60 alright I think a lot of money piled into the gold trade last week a lot of safe haven asset purchases happen in volatility index futures or the VIX futures rather gold futures a lot of traders paladin and bonds I think we're going to squeeze out some of those lungs from gold and shake them out to the downside this week before continuing higher so before we break that 1300 open to the upside we're gonna give back some of those gains we got that trade too long from below too many people on the same side of the ship and it's got a tip and let a few of them offers alright the today's economic calendar housing starts at eight-thirty we've already had that number our red book chain store sales fed's george Esther George speaks at 9am right now and dust reproduction at nine-fifteen everything else is calming quiet alright so not much on the docket um as we set up four day holiday in the European markets and they reopen today and they reopen on weakness so keep that in mind two notable companies have released earnings or the banking sectors back on the block and a lot of analysis going around this in terms of how the banks are doing earnings are back in swinging in full swing rather it's earning season so keep watching for that you're going to see some data before the bell after the bell and that's going to start the cause some movements in the equities market as well so remember we're remember the time we're in we're in a very hot topic time there's a lot of tensions globally and with these earnings we're gonna see what the market really has to offer we're a little frothy we're toppy the first hundred days of the trump administration have shown a lot of promise and then they've delivered on pretty much nothing a lot of promise followed by a lot of frustration a lack of passing any real legislation and now we're starting to see where traders start to feel like oh we're a little frothy here we haven't got anything we've been promised maybe sell some some equities to take some profit or let me short some futures in order to hedge some of my position those two are the same things you're starting to see some sellers move into the market on some volume so I think the next couple points especially this week I think the next 30 to 40 points could be to the downside but I'm prepared to trade anything if we got 400 handle ripped this morning I'm ready to take advantage all right so I can't really tell you where it's going bank of america i have our earnings per share point 41 cents above the expected thirty-five cents net income rose forty percent year-over-year to 4.8 six billion up from 3.7 billion a year ago alright so bank of america really strong earnings it surprised even the most bullish analyst estimates and just blew out that earnings target and it's not amazing we also had some really strong results from bank of america on higher net interest margins that drives a lot of bank profitability the name number and i am and strong global and capital market performance and then a strong trading revenue they've done really well bank of america track with it be a seize the stock simple we think it's going to be something to watch all day throughout the session right especially watch those financials the sector today XLF that's the ETF track along with them goldman sachs on the other hand whiffs it didn't really perform too well they had really high expectations from analysts and then really get a lot of the whisper numbers were blowout earnings and what they reported for q1 was 8.03 billion below the 8.53 estimate and that translates about earnings per share 515 five dollars and fifteen cents below the 517 expectation alright they did not enjoy strong trading route unlike the other banks have reported so far for q1 Goldman Sachs did not have stronger enter or banking investment banking and trading revenues or the right in that number so a lot of we came from traditional banking aspects Goldman Sachs the really interesting bank I don't they're more of an income statement company so the analysis a little bit lata on them but they miss on earnings all right this morning we woke up to a bit of a okay Theresa May Prime Minister announced a snap election with a vodoo out on jun 8 all right what does that mean it means it gives her some opportunity to gather some parliamentary strength ok and you'll remember or you'll recall Theresa May as a prime minister was backing UK to go through with the brake set she pushed for it she took it through a whole bunch of legislative processes and votes and now it's official it's happening so you owned it was a rallied over a hundred hips literally up an opportunity to seize more control part of the voting process and the reason that's good is because the market knows what you want she wants to separate the brexit process excuse me guys and she's going to be there to negotiate on behalf of the brakes prost as that that means what does that mean that's good for equities that's Pro risk on assets and the pasword on that news yeah all right up over eight percent like I said last news items we gotta talk about today this North Korea hold on a second I want to see all rights people are rolling into a trap trading room here here and I just want to see what it was North Korea tensions are not easing anytime soon guys we're on the brink of war here um Kim Jong and fired a ballistic missile that failed from military action what does that mean stay in it just don't do about just gonna bomb the country um that's a scary prospect because Russia said don't do it it's not gonna end up well for you China said we're gonna try to help you talk through politics with North Korea but don't just go out there and bomb them and I don't think that's getting through the Trump I think Trump is gonna go out there I hate to say this but if he stirs the pot and bombs North Korea they flat out said we have the ability and we're gonna basically not hold back from using the nuclear option on you if you bomb us so it's kind of like all right balls in your court do what you will the good news for the United States says North Korea does not have nuclear weapons that could reach or a range of warheads that could reach the United States they're safe except for Alaska so if you're an Alaska careful the bad news is they can hit Canada the good news is i'm not in canada for next 30 days but all jokes aside none of this will end well so watch for those tensions all right this where you have to have a newswire that's where you got to pay attention to what's going on some more warships on the way all right Britain is supervising some the traffic through Russia is now getting involved this North Korea thing has the ability to sprawl out of control so be very careful I don't think we're going to go out on a full-blown nuclear war but what I think Donald Trump has to do here is if you're gonna be aggressive move in tell other countries are you going to do just get out there and take Oh Kim Jong and that's your only option at this point you talk so much you put the guy in the corner night now you've got to act excuse me you guys or just back off and don't start a nuclear war I got a quick drink here gotta hydrate can't drink the tap water here um that's what we're looking at so far for today's market so it's going to be an exciting one so far asian session weak European session week is well down 1.6 parison 1.3 Frank for down point seven so that's your morning market update we hope you guys enjoyed it we have another one coming for you tomorrow n a.m. Eastern stay tuned subscribers give me one second i don'ts going on the air here but I get a little choked up it's cuz I'm because i miss you guys all right give me a minute subscribers YouTube take care I'll see you tomorrow Tuesday morning room we trade live every day on the US Open I'll catch you guys soon take care bye


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In today’s morning stock market update we will discuss the escalating situation in North Korea, as well as the latest earnings releases from Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. Also, find out what’s dragging markets lower today and what to watch for during the US session.

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    • thanks for the update. we were missing you a lot this passed days

      Rey fer April 18, 2017 1:35 pm Reply
      • Thanks Rey, we were traveling, but are now finally in a fixed spot and can do these updates a little more regularly. Hope you're having a good trading week.

        TRADEPRO Academy April 18, 2017 3:49 pm Reply

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