Apr 4, 2017
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Morning Stock Market Update – Rumors of new healthcare bill. Tesla update, auto sales, fed and more.

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hello everyone good morning and welcome to our morning market update for Tuesday April fourth we are now into the second quarter of the year how fast time flies it's pretty crazy I feel like it was yesterday I was at loading myself up with turkey at Christmas and now here I am 18 pounds slimmer a quarter later asking where has the time gone all right now welcome to morning update we got a lot to discuss today including the Democratic votes to help the nomination Supreme Court also some fed speak some news out of Donald Trump Elon Musk and auto sales all the things we're going to discuss we had a pretty eventful morning and day yesterday throughout the markets was a ton of opportunity to trade them the downside looked very apparent early on in the session and our subscribers trading in the room found that out we know we've tried to find a bottom and bounce and then the weakness we just avoided it we were long going into that sell off and got out at the right time so as I always say I'd trade for our job is not to get you into trades or job is to help you avoid the trades that you shouldn't be taking and try to get you out of a trade if something's coming down the pipeline and you're not aware of it it's basically the idea here is to not get killed and make some money and that's how this business should be treated and a lot of traders go for it as let's make a million dollars well before you get there there's a lot of things you got to comb through an experience before you have the really audacity and the or the tenacity i should say how did ask the audacity and the composure to really be that kind of traitor it takes a while right but so anywho let's get into it there's a lot to talk about today's markets Asia Japan is down big time point nine percent down one percent overnight Hong Kong's closed in today's session China closed India closes while the Japan was a soul market that was open in Asia it's down one percent all right some weakness from the US session spilling over into Japan I said it last week I said that this market does not look like a bullish market it looks like a market that squeeze out some shorts last week on that rowdy upwards I think want to continue lower so be careful trying to buy this dip because I get this field to me that this dip is very different than the ones we've seen in the past super care alright in Europe London's up half a percent Paris is up point one percent frankfurt's flat futures in the u.s. that down was down point2 or the dow was down point use SP down point to as well nasdaq down point2 that's what i mean they move together very heavy and strong correlation between those three markets and they're down the same amount crude is up half a percent at the 50 51 and currently trading 50-47 so holding some of those levels into the pit trading open so crews already open as of 9am other pit session alright and gold trading point-six percent higher 1261 so gold continues a rally which suggests there might be some weakness coming into equity markets yes sir we saw a lot of bidding and risk us risk haven or risk off assets as they call them that's your goal at your volatility that's also your japanese yen those assets starts to get pumped up and into the late session Vic Scott sold off really hard i just got rocked as the market recovered a lot of the losses to the day today i think the bears are going to try to step on this thing and break out some of these loads to the bottom and put some volume in on the charts and really take a slower we've got a lot of stop losses from the Long's waiting below right when we have a lot of Long's already in the trade a lot of cell stops below which means there's a lot of sellers despite the fact that they're long and because they're longer actually sellers i'm going to go out and take those stops okay that's now I'm seeing I mean can we rip 30 handle from here we can do anything and I'm not I don't have a crystal globe I know you guys wish that I did and I know you wish that you did but believe me a crystal globe wouldn't help you all that would help you do is be right it wouldn't help you be profitable and that's why this is crystal ball start looking at a course that teaches you how to trade properly based on analyzing markets how to qualify trades when the right moment is to get in the things that we teach you how to look for you haven't even heard most of them I don't care we betrayed 10 15 20 30 years guarantee you haven't heard most of the stuff in our course because it works because it's a it's not a secret but a lot of professional traders use it they use the same type of dynamic same analysis save qualifiers it ain't the same stuff that you're gonna get out there in a chart patterns that little volume sticks that it's totally different and that's what it required us to successful point 7 Tina's day trader all right guys let's get into updates here Democrats have enough votes to halt the Supreme Court nomination shown by tally 41 Democrats say they plan to vote no to advance his nomination I despite the Republicans control and said it 52 to 48 they have gathered enough votes to potentially block this thing out which prompts the Trump administration to consider changing the law to actually block this from happening so let's say hey you know what you guys can't have a say in this nomination we're going to nominate them anyways which would change a lot of the dynamic all right that's it's a bit of a sleazy way to get things done but that's one way to get it done so that's where some of that battles happen to cause some bulk late in yesterday's markets I think today will see more of this will hear more of it in the grand scheme of things I don't make it I don't think it makes a big difference to the market but markets hate uncertainty and they fluctuate up and down and traders love uncertainty because at least some volatility all right so don't be afraid of it don't fear the volatility embrace it and make it make it some money that's what we've been doing all right yesterday in fact it was moving up and down and one remember said hey it's a Supreme Court thing going back and forth and even though I was like oh really that's interesting I'm just looking at the chart basically my philosophy is forget what move the market sometimes Americo dropped 10 points and one of the favorite questions for new newer traders asked is what caused that draw I don't know but were you able to see it before yes get behind it that's the idea so you're not looking to justify moves by the time you find out what caused this move you're gonna miss the next one all right that's how the markets working so if you look at the things we teach you to look at the chart shows you the combined total or the net sum of opinion philosophy and everything and positioning into one simple view and that'll give you all the answers you don't need to know why imagine that you don't need to know the why all you need to know is the one and then how you execute and make some money in this market all right that's where you going after and I always say this you can't pay your phone balls of your vacations with SP 500 points or dollars on stock right game think I made two dollars on Tesla or I made 30 points on the S&P I'd like to pay for my vacation with that they'll say okay good for you how money is that right so the end of the day that's all you got to think too all right that's the Supreme Court update yesterday at three o'clock feds Harker who is a hawk remember Arthur's a hawk he believes in raising interest rates faster than the majority of the camp he wants interest rates higher less stimulus all right and he is a voter in the Federal Reserve FOMC okay the Federal Open Market Committee he reiterates three hikes in 2017 would be appropriate so he's confirmed the Fed is back to being a hawkish we talked about this hawkish leading up to the hike jani Ellen does a hike with a very dovish sentiment now they're back to talking this market up hawkish um it's starting to make sense on this strategy i'm starting to get it us sensations moving slowly but surely upward he said he was commenting in philadelphia and labor market has shown steady improvement the labor market you gotta watch for this friday at 830am there's a massive report non-farm payrolls that's going to be an indication of what the feds starts to look forward to what they do whether we have two more hikes to make a grand total of three or another three to make a grand total for that's going to depend on labor and inflation and both of them right now are taking in the right direction for more hikes all right uh Tesla yesterday Tesla shoots the record I don't know if you guys pay attention that stock but my gosh of that company explode and there's two reasons and one of them people know about because they watch news and free news and one of them they probably have no clue because they weren't paying attention to a more premium news source so here's one of the reasons first of all it's valued at forty eight point two billion now ahead of the idea that they're going to start producing their model three they're cheaper production vehicle and they surpass Ford there now worth more than Ford Motor Company by three 8.1 billion dollars Tesla has surpassed one of the largest one of the older automakers in the industry they've taken over and investors like that they started buying into the company a little bit more I don't care if you don't buy into Elon Musk but when they start to have production in commercial success you got to buy into the business model on the prospect of this thing can be the biggest car company in the world it's proving that it already is all right um worldwide shipments of 25,000 cars got announced in q1 that was a big driver to the upside everyone every critic of Tesla says they're not producing enough cars to meet demand to me that's a good problem in some ways but it's a terrible problem for your business owner if you're a business owner you can't sell in your product because you don't have enough of it to feed the demand you're losing sales that's an opportunity cost you're losing clients so that was a concern but that concern was alleviated when they announced 25,000 cars or production starting to get ramped up so Tesla's doing good Elon Musk what a funny guy i'm reading the tweet here for you right now at twelve-thirty yesterday you all must tweets stormy weather in short belt but a guy you basically said hey you want to short my stock stormy weather for you right now as you're getting squeezed to the upside that's what drove it number one is production was really good in Tesla there's a ton of shorts near that top think you wouldn't break out a new high now those shorts you get squeezed by having the buy it back we all know that a short seller that's an active short is an act of buyer to get out of their positions or by stops above and clear that inventory out on the way up now let's see what happens the other piece of news is auto sales were terrible alright we had that number come out in the morning auto sales did not do well and I think that number was hit the market a little bit cause some of the sell-off but that number hasn't been digested properly yet I don't think enough people realize the importance of what happened yesterday straw slower sales out of GM Ford announced the same and their sales are slowing down all right guys that's a big deal because usually and there's a lot of you know there's different opinions on this but the economy and the health of the economy is tied very closely to manufacturing and production of vehicle sales going back to when vehicle sales started with the Ford Model Model T alright and that's an interesting sign of 2009 went to crash automakers were some of the first uh it was the first sector to actually started to dip off along with housing so watch out for that it started things are starting to shift I'm gonna end the broadcast by say this be very careful out there para under just over ten minutes I need that time to open the room with my group but just watch out I sense the shift changing eyebrows they sense the tide changing and I think the next few weeks we got the potential for some real serious downside when I say serious downsides and five ten percent maybe max and remember that will still get us the number way above where we were a while back alright so some of this Trump administration starting a fumble they're not getting legislation passed as easily as they promise which clouds the opinion of the future will they be able to this tax bill about this health care bill all right have we gone up too much considering nothing has been done those are the kind of considerations traders investors and fund managers are having so be careful out there I would say if you're buying the dips have tight stops and in fact you're probably better off selling rallies at this point all right cell rallies and SP cell rallies in oil try to get along on goal if you got an opportunity at some point despite how high it is already I had yourself by buying some volatility call spreads it's another opportunity and subscribe to our monthly services they're fantastic we send you a daily email sharing some ideas of stocks are about to explode based on option activity I set that scanner for you I give it to you we have one on rfp and went up thirteen percent in three days after 7i vida alright that's included our options trader package if you want to day trade with us go to a day trader package we're now into the new model new services so i love if you guys came out and gave a product a shot 30 day money back guarantee and it's cheap all right you pay more watching pay-per-view fights on UFC and that's never made you money unless you're betting and good for you alright last piece of news Donald Trump had a Ferrari he was trying to solve in Florida nothing's gonna move the market is a 2007 ferrari f430 f1 coupe it was up for auction in florida the second owner who bought it from Donald Trump was setting it up for auction it was supposed to be a 240 thousand at the low end and it dropped it sold for 10k below its low-end estimate in an auction so there you go Trump's old cars aren't doing any better than his administration and policies I'd say guys have yourself a fantastic day come and check us out of trade broke out come a day trader package if you want to trade daily with us in the live room options package if you can't be a day trader and you just wanna get some option trade ideas attend some live analysis on weekends and receive daily e-mails with trade ideas as well alright guys all the best I do see you guys tomorrow morning market update trade careful today I think the downside continues we've shown some early sentiment to the bearish side overnight let's see what happens to words the US open trade pros give me two minutes I'm going to open the room i'll show you the screen will draw some levels i'll trade the open together all right adios all the best family questions youtube asked me on the comments down below subscribe to the channel us daily for the most part and yeah see you tomorrow take care goodbye


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In today’s stock market update we will be going over the likelihood of a new healthcare bill passing, as well as an update from all of the Fed speak this week and what it means for the stock market.

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