Feb 7, 2017
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What will be the top 10 stand-out moments of 2017?

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What will be the top ten stand out moments of 2017?

Economist Films has created a list of the events it believes will define 2017. Such a compilation will always be subjective, and this list boasts some odd inclusions – a Parthenon of books – and notable omissions – Brexit and the ongoing migration crisis. Nevertheless, the compendium provides an intriguing insight into major changes on the horizon.

In reverse order of impact, the top 10 moments are:

  1. “Land speed record – In October 2017, the Bloodhound Supersonic team will attempt to smash the land speed record and surpass a speed of 800 mph [1,287 kmph].
  1. “Personalized medicine – This customized approach to health care will receive much publicity in 2017 with the launch of CAR-T therapy, a new treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma whereby doctors edit patients’ genes to attack cancerous cells.
  1. “Centenary of Russian Revolution – As Russia celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution led by national hero Vladimir Lenin, President Putin, who has banned dissent and mass protests, will grow increasingly uncomfortable.
  1. “Parthenon of books – Argentine artist Marta Minujín will build a replica of the Parthenon, a symbol of democracy, in Kassel, Germany, using 100,000 banned books. The art installation will signify resistance to tyranny and the importance of diversity.
  1. “Human head transplant – Dr. Sergio Canavero will attempt to transplant a human head onto a donor body in late 2017. As a spinal cord has never successfully been reattached, it’s unlikely that this controversial procedure will be successful.
  1. “Delivery robots – Drone delivery services will accelerate in 2017. Though flying drones face several regulatory obstacles, ground-based robots will become pervasive.
  1. “China’s National Congress – As five of China’s top seven leaders are due to retire, President Xi will consolidate power by replacing the outgoing leaders with his cronies. Xi also may signal intent to remain in office beyond his second five-year term.
  1. “French presidential elections – France will hold a presidential election on May 7. Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front, is likely to be a top contender. The polls suggest that center-right candidate François Fillon should defeat her, but after Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the US elections, that result is uncertain.
  1. “Fall of Islamic State – In 2017, military forces will drive the jihadist Islamic State out of its two remaining strongholds in Raqqa, Syria and Mosul, Iraq. Alas, the defeat of Islamic State won’t mean an end to terror and violence in the region.
  1. “President Trump’s inauguration – Donald Trump has no political experience, but his campaign rhetoric hinted at two possible leadership styles: “Dark Donald” will expel illegal immigrants and monitor Muslims. “Trump lite” will cut taxes and regulations and increase spending. His presidency may put “the future of the liberal world order at risk.”


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