Mar 20, 2012
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hey guys it's Josh Baker park at Starcom want to wish you all happy holidays the season I it's been an incredible year for bigger pockets and for many many of our members we've we've seen lots outstanding success but on our site and again for our members so I just want to thank you guys and gradually everybody we take action this year I'm as many of you guys know we've got it Mazen conference coming up in March so I'm very much hoping you'll all be joining us %uh the website for the conference is bigger pockets dot com slash conference so check it out definitely sign up this is something you don't wanna miss work trying to change the way that real estate investors get together learn do events we where really trying to have the upsell free on offense the upsell free conference where where we don't have to worry about leaving our credit cards at home in being sold at the back at the room so come lots a fantastic speakers but more than anything really I just wanted to thank you guys this is Ben phenomenal phenomenal year and thank you thank you for for sharing some your successes with us thank you for being a part of our community and know we'll see again and 2012 that's it take it easy happy holidays


Read the video – A holiday message from founder, Joshua Dorkin.

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