Nov 21, 2013
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The Best Growth Stock To Buy Now, November 2013

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I'm mask are here with Connor manage recruits is Wednesday November 20th 2013 this week we're going to look at a low price growth stock to buy added to the networking speech communications devices industry we see the 12-month upside potential at $25 clean eight-percent during the next slide we see that the name of the company is Juniper Networks and the ticker symbol is Jay NP or some beer quick fax Juniper Networks is a leading provider of high-performance network infrastructure the design develop products and services for routing switching security application access and mobile device security the company operates in two segments: it's gotten Systems Division and its software solutions division their website is WWW dot juniper this juni PE or dotnet the company is headquartered in Sunnyvale California they were founded in 1996 they have 9200 34 employees I'll children operates in the technology sector and one skinny industry is network networking and communications the rices last 12 months to present revenues but Portman flight billion dollars net income the spirit $84 million cash from operations is 607 million ours and the market capitalization is 9.95 billion dollars a slow growth for company founded back in 1996 not just as a side note over the last five years two numbers sales grew on average a little over 30 percent per year so the pretty pretty fast for example onto the products and services slide others not too much to show does a hardware company so you know while the stuff that they make your installer electronic boxes but a slide you get there local children experts we've got a couple clips from the web pages I was so there are traces the use to school tradition for virtual rules you have this ability with Outlook all our ability who's your datacenter on you know what could she be I'll you know we're here for one reason to help customers build us so you just earned some phrases in couple pictures are summer their boxes the company's CEO is Kevin Janse somewhere match shirts on as mission their en route to us job once the 4.5 billion dollars the net income has been 384 million their operating margins have been improving into those troll rewards work a 14 percent this year 2013 its tracking to be eighty percent and once again cash from operations as citizens and certainly in da box that's quite a whether but a change their I literally PE ratio as 26 points 7 in a forward p/e ratios 14 points for so Rouzer expect to spend quite a bit the page ratio is 1.1 respond level presses cells at 2.1 also quite risky as is that person Booker 1.3 and in prize value but Donna not bad but also a chip or no so valuation numbers are pretty risky for me what ru NP right now 26 concerns some people would say that's that's a good rich but is expected to work the climb on quote but a bit over the next four months up their recent closing price because today agreed to Knotts night since and the price is rain storm last 22 could teach weeks for a lower 13 I'll sit city since to a high of twenty dollars and ninety eight cents the average volume opportune for net Juniper Networks has been library million shares per day the beta spend 2.4 so this company moos a little walls lassegue through a war the market when the market news and dividend yields 0 cursor cream is this the been a growth company beer difference so soon might get reversed rar om bandage in the beginning of February the stock price is around twenty two dollars a decline the in the midday well declined in the beginning at midday to route sixty dollars and from there and early August it accelerated up to about twenty two dollars and from early August it spells up and down a bit to where it is right now 19 arson ninety cents soul rollover pack price has been slack would say the year Thursday tim Pawlenty is is quite good have bette went better cash her dude dead is Wakeman want and spread out are over the next five years the price how to trim is as mention is flyin law are models overall market outlook to still bearish we see your overvalued names undervalued home but you know that being said are the mark the bottles for what price target Juniper's 12 bottles and four students so with the recent closing press 1998 expected price is $25 dole's 4 cents that's a nice stroll once potential we see it 25 grades so does the Juniper Networks is a is a bitch same on opportunity in cells a been crowing steadily and you know strong financial statements her loser expected to expand by operating margins are improving so this is was a star grow working a close look RA and wrapping it up gorgeous your mind a few had signed up for Saturday morning newsletter please do so disco WWW dot uses topics dot com and sign up there can you be a month for secure but new investment opportunities that you won't hear anywhere else these opportunities ozell use your own soft at all Marjorie algorithms news is we've been told you were you look like we to ensure everyone just how good we are to deal with so angle sign up for the newsletter alright that's all we Gott this week and tortoise a teacher


Read the video Proprietary algorithms at work. Click here for our free newsletter: . Review of an undervalued growth stock in the technology sector and networking and communications device industry. Low priced stocks to buy. A great non Disney stock to buy. We do not look at penny stocks. Stock options are a safer bet than penny stocks.

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